DWM Salutes Ghanaian Women on The Occasion of Its 28th Anniversary

14 05 2010

Nana Konadu Agyeman RawlingsOn the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the 31st December Women’s Movement (DWM) which falls on Saturday May 15, 2010, the President Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings and the entire national executives of the movement extend a hand of congratulations to all members and women in Ghana and wish them a Happy Anniversary.
It has been 28 years of women empowerment and many of our mothers and sisters have been at the forefront of the campaign to empower women through a multi-sectored approach.

Special commendation goes to organisers at all levels of the Movement who took up the responsibility of organising women in offices, markets, hamlets, villages and towns. You have done a great job making the movement what it is today.

Over a 28-year period we have tackled the economic, social, political, environmental and cultural aspects of women and children’s development.

The DWM was established to address gender disparities by liberating women to be part of national development. Ghanaian women though managers of homes were conditioned not to speak their minds and take bold decisions. But today they are in small, medium and large scale industries.

Opportunities for children to get early childhood education so their mothers could get the opportunity to perform economic activities existed in a few cities. The DWM worked vigorously from its day of inception to change that status quo,” says Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings.

On cultural and moral education we promoted local folklore through television programmes such as “By the Fireside” and “Story Time” which became hugely popular and highlighted the popular Ananse satire giving it both national and international recognition and also helping to mould the moral fibre of not only children but millions of adults who found time to watch. It is unfortunate those programmes had to be scrapped because the political authorities in the last regime embargoed such programmes on television.

The DWM has been business-like in its approach to women’s empowerment, preparing appropriate business plans and seeking the support of international organisations such as the UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, UNIFEM, IFED, ITTO, ADB, SASAKAWA, IFAD, OPEC and other international organisations.

The National President and Executive are proud to say that today Ghanaian women are more assertive, politically oriented and understand their rights. A lot more needs to be done because we still have issues that mitigate against the development of women especially as a developing country. Women have to play a larger role in ensuring the success of our developmental process.

The DWM has supported its members to establish small-scale businesses such as oil palm extraction, cloth weaving, batik making, baking, kenkey production, bee keeping, mushroom and snail rearing, pottery, cassava (gari) processing and many other local businesses. Some of these products are actually exported mostly within the West African region.

Re-forestation schemes were also put in place by the Movement leading to tree-planting exercises in select places in all regions of Ghana.

Early childhood development centres have been built across the country. These offer mothers an opportunity to pursue other activities in their communities. It also allows the children to have a head start into the formal educational sector. While some are into small-scale businesses through the micro financing we seek for them, others have entered politics at various levels from the unit committee level, through District and Regional Assemblies to the national level. A number of our members have been co-opted into high government positions.

We have come a long way from the days when it was taboo for women to enter politics. Now it is the norm to see women at the forefront of political activity especially at the rural level.

As we celebrate our anniversary under the theme: “The Role of Women in National Development” we are guided by the fact that the process of women’s empowerment is a continuous process and we cannot let down our guard. We have an obligation to play our roles both individually and collectively so we can help the developmental process of our dear country Ghana.

To commemorate the occasion we are inviting all women to a grand anniversary rally at Essuehyia, near Cape Coast in the Central Region. The rally will be addressed by leading members of the Movement and other well-wishers.

Congratulations once again to all Ghanaian women for coming this far.

Long live 31st December Women’s Movement.

Long live Ghanaian women.

31st December Women’s Movement – Total Liberation By All Means.

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