NDC Clique Hires Pro-NPP To Smear Konadu

2 07 2010

The Chronicle already doing hatchet work on the Rawlingses
By Awura Ama Obeng as reported by Myjoyonline

Even though Mrs. Agyeman-Rawlings, Former First Lady and a Vice-Chairman of the NDC has not said she will vie for the 2012 flagbearer slot of her party, a clique within the NDC have drawn their daggers out of their sheath and hired pro-NPP newspapers to smear her.

Intelligence available to the Daily Post reveals that a member of the clique met two editors a fortnight ago at Cantonments in Accra and gave them the task of smearing Mrs. Rawlings.

While one editor was tasked to publish opinion polls that suggest that Mrs. Rawlings would and cannot win any election held in Ghana, the second editor was tasked to make issues of the past, especially the issue involving the 31st December Women’s Movement’s purchase of  Nsawam Cannery, a subsidiary of GIHOC as well as other matters.

Human Rights abuses during the PNDC era are also to be raised to demonise the Former First Lady. Daily Post is unable to say how much the editors were paid to do this dirty job.

Already, another pro-NPP newspaper, The Chronicle, has set the pace to demonise the former First Lady.

A content analysis of the publications of this paper reveals an average of one negative headline about Mr. and Mrs. Rawlings a week. The interesting thing about these publications is that they are fraught with outright lies, rumours and half-truths.

Last month saw an intensification of these publications on the Rawlingses.

The Friday, June 4, 2012 issue of the paper ran the bold banner headline RAWLINGS CAN STAGE A COUP. Three days later, it produced the screaming headline “At last the cat is out of the bag! KONADU TO CONTEST MILLS IN 2012. Yet, nowhere in the story could the paper prove that Mrs. Rawlings had announced that she was going to contest President Mills.

In its Wednesday, June 9, 2010 edition, The Chronicle ran the headline “plot to unseat President Atta-Mills. IBRAHIM ADAM SNUBS KONADU.

“DON’T LISTEN TO RAWLINGS…Konadu will send party into opposition” was the headline of the Monday, June 14th edition of The Chronicle.

Just last Friday, the paper came out with the headline NAADU SNUBS KONADU IN BRUSSELS.

The negative reportage, obviously at the behest of the clique in the NDC, however, will do no damage to the Rawlingses as NDC supporters do not expect any positive news about them or the NDC in a paper like The Chronicle whose publisher , Kofi Coomson, has publicly stated his preference for a Nana Addo Presidency than a Mills one, according to a diplomat in Accra who wants to remain anonymous.

“In fact if anything at all, whoever the members of the clique in the NDC are working for will be the loser. Dr. Spio Gabrah chose The Chronicle to campaign prior to the NDC congress in the 2007 and paid dearly for it. Any NDC person who campaigns in a newspaper which is seen as pro-NPP would simply be singing his own swan song” he said.

In the coming weeks, the Rawlingses should expect more negative reportage on them by pro-NPP newspapers who themselves are eager to see the NDC out of power.




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