Campaign News: Be bold and reject bribes; Konadu tells NDC delegates

4 05 2011

Nana Konadu LaunchThe former first lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings has made a rallying call to delegates who will vote at the July 8 Congress of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to reject any attempt by elements within the party to bribe them.

“A true blooded NDC leadership does not buy support, No! We don’t buy support. A true blooded NDC leadership does not buy votes. We don’t buy votes we work towards the votes. Indeed we do not buy delegates.

This tendency is destroying the spirit and tenets of the NDC and it is a shame,” Mrs Rawlings said to the teeming supporters who thronged the Accra International Conference Centre to witness the launch of her bid to contest the NDC’s flagbearership race on Wednesday.

She said “there is now a politics of threats. A politics of fear, a politics of financial influence being imposed on our party… Let us work to remove the politics of vindictiveness, let us work to remove the politics of arrogance that is being introduced into our party and restore hope trust and respect to our party and the people of Ghana.”

Mrs Rawlings who was ably supported by her husband former President Rawlings said, President Mills’ government has failed to pursue the “NDC’s avowed commitment of defending the will of the people.”

“Let us take back the heart and soul of the NDC, let us work to uproot the culture of apathy, the culture of indiscipline and the culture of carelessness that has engulfed this country today. Let us infuse dynamism and vitality back into the NDC,” she urged.

Mrs Rawlings stated that it was time for a “regeneration of the true spirit of devotion and loyalty” to the tenets NDC party.

“I stand before you here today because I represent social justice and a leadership that believes in a bottom-up approach to governance,” she said adding “the time has come to choose a person who will offer effective leadership, who will be honest about the choices and the challenges we face, a person who will give you hope, who will listen and learn from you.”

To her, it was time for women to take over the leadership mantle from men who have had over fifty years to help develop the nation. 

She went on to extol the qualities of her husband whom she praised for his leadership role in Ghana.

“At no point during President Rawlings’s leadership was he corrupted by the allure of high office. He did not lead this country to seek personal comfort. He led by example and was a true reflection of hands-on leadership – leadership of pure sacrifice and selflessness. And I am proud to uphold these principles – The principles that endeared the NDC to Ghanaians – The principles that led to our electoral victory in 2008 and the principles that will lead Nana Konadu to electoral victory in 2012,” she revealed.

Other dignitaries who were at the function were former General Secretary of the party Dr. Josiah Aryeh, deputy General Secretary Kofi Adams, Mp for Lower Manya Krobo, Michael Teye Nyaunu and several others who delivered solidarity messages.

Story by Derick Romeo Adogla/




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