Campaign News: Solidarity Message From The Youth For Leadership In Ghana

8 05 2011

Nana Konadu Agyeman-RawlingsMr. Chairman, your Excellency the Former President and Founder of the Great National Democratic Congress Party, Your Excellency the former First Lady and Flag Bearer Aspirant of the NDC, Members, Supporters and sympathiser of the NDC, fellow comrades, invited guest ladies and gentlemen.

Today’s event is historic. Its significance is not only within the NDC as a party, but equally so for Ghana. For us the youth aspiring to be future leaders, it couldn’t have been a better time to be alive. We couldn’t have chosen a better path than to be with the founder and Nan Konadu who have through their sweat and toil built for us a home. In this home we have been thought how to be courageous, bold, truthful, honest and accountable.

Accountable not only to ourselves, but also hold others accountable through the principles of probity. This is possible only when we learn to be men and women of integrity.

Your Excellencies, when the decision was taken to return Ghana to a constitutional democracy, we believe it was done with the best of intentions for us all. And In other to encourage our participation, all lovers of the ideals and believes of Rawlings joined in the formation of the NDC so as to continue to sell and practice what he preached.

NDC was the first to form a government under the fourth republican constitution, first government to hand over power to an opposition party, first party to elect its vice president as a candidate and to win an election to become president.

For those who are always arguing with records that it has never happened, above are records we set as a party in Ghana. Another record has undoubtedly just been set not only in this party, but in our constitutional democratic governance as we are witnessing the first woman to pick up a nomination form to run for the flag bearer position of a political party in this country.

It goes without saying therefore that, we shall again set the record by having the first one term president and the first woman president in this country. In NDC, we are always pacesetters, always setting the records.

The idea of a better Ghana was not built on a myth but a solid vision moldered around the vision of the founder. Ghanaians did not vote NDC to power to continue on business as usual. They believed NDC was the trusted party to establish the truth. NDC did not win the elections because of “a better Ghana” slogan, but because the party had an ideology and history that was well appreciated by Ghanaian.

It is rather dangerous for us as we head into elections to demonstrate to Ghanaians that we cannot live by those principle that we sold to them at the elections as representing their interest. So far we have largely been untruthful by presenting to Ghanaians that we are a party that stands for justice and yet we cannot provide justice, probity and yet we cannot truly provide one evidence of a true probe, accountable when corrupt men and murderers are still walking and living amongst descent human beings. Is this the NDC that we know?

Do you believe Ghanaians voted for change just for NDC to engage in business as usual?

There are many unanswered questions which people thought voting for change would have provided. The idea was not to continue where Kuffuor left? Hence the decision to be part of this campaign couldn’t be more appropriate for us as a group. Nana Konadu Agyemang is her name and she wants to contest an election as a member of the NDC like you and I could have and can.

No one through his or her weakness and failures should undermine this honest expression of a democratic right. She is married to Rawlings but her name is Nana Konadu. Ghanaians never feared to change from NPP to NDC, so shall it be in and with the NDC. We the members of the Youth For Leadership are here to share solidarity with you.

For the above reasons I am standing here on behalf of the Youth for Leadership to pledge our infringing support to you your Excellency. We will walk with you, rest assured, you will never walk alone.

We would walk, we would sweat, we would bend till we break if that is what it will take to join you in reviving and stretching the umbrella wide enough to provide shade to all under its multiple colours.

And to all who believe in the spirit of competition and democracy, there is no point in attempting to discourage us, because this time, “obia nyano bettee”.

We are therefore calling on the media to rise up to the challenge of seeing and speaking the truth at all time. This remains a family affair which needs no radio commentators who under the pretext of national interest wade into political party matters where they do not belong to muddy our waters.

This particularly goes to the journalists who have over night turned into campaigner and NDC political fanatics to stay where their parties needs them and leave us the NDC alone to save our ship from sinking and to provide quality leadership that will benefit all.

Your Excellency, your courage has again empowered our generation. You have inspired not only the women but us the men to, yes we can. Mama lead the way and lets us follow.

Thank you

Kizito M. Akudago

(Chairman YFL)




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