Statement of Declaration

8 05 2011

Nana Konadu Agyeman-RawlingsLaunch Of Nana Konadu For President 2012 Campaign: Statement Of Declaration By Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings – Wednesday May 4, 2011

Your Excellency, Ministers of State, Members of Parliament, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, women and youth groups from across the country, members of the great NDC party, members of the media, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

I am honoured by this massive support from across the length and breadth of Ghana, towards a historic journey of hope and freedom, not only for our party but our country Ghana. Your presence here confirms your belief and support for a real change to the values and principles of our party.

There is a level of hopelessness and despondency in the once vibrant and progressive National Democratic Congress. I stand before you today, with your support, to bring our party back on track: to go back to the core values of our party.

We fought a good fight in 2008 and through the sweat and toil of millions of Ghanaians across the country we managed to uproot a party that was shamelessly institutionalising corruption.

We voted for a candidate who promised CHANGE, and we had every conviction that once again our country will benefit from the NDC’s ideals of probity, accountability, freedom and justice, which are the bedrock of a strong nation.

Ladies and gentlemen, the governance that we have experienced since 2009 does not inspire confidence or give Ghanaians any hope for the future.  The current leadership has failed to pursue the NDC’s avowed commitment of defending the will of the people and establishing a government that is believed and trusted by the people, a government of humility and sensitivity and a government devoid of arrogance and vindictiveness.

A true-blooded NDC leadership does not buy support, buy votes or buy delegates. This tendency is destroying the spirit and the strength of the NDC.

The future of the NDC is under threat.

This is not just about Election 2012. It is about the very survival of the NDC and our nation.

As the party stands now most Ghanaians are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that something dynamic and phenomenal has to happen in the NDC for victory in 2012.

Something dynamic and phenomenal is going to happen!

The most phenomenal thing that can happen is when the good people of Ghana, led first by the party delegates who carry the destiny of our party on their shoulders, take a bold decision and call for real change on July 8 when the party goes to Congress.

Yesterday, I picked up nomination forms to contest the presidential primaries. 

I did so because I feel the pain and despair that has engulfed the true supporters of the party. Having heard the cry of millions of party faithful across the country, I cannot sit unconcerned and look on while the party you and I sacrificed to build is brought crashing down by people who do not seem to have the good of the party at heart.

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for a regeneration of the true spirit of devotion and loyalty to the great NDC party. The time has come to put an end to politics that pursues division and return the NDC to a viable political party that will bring us together.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have accepted your call to serve because service to the NDC and service to Ghana is not new to me.

Every true Ghanaian knows the level of commitment we have put into bringing development to Ghana.

Every good Ghanaian recognises the role we have played locally and internationally to empower Ghanaians at all levels of society.

Those who know me know that I am principled and committed to a Ghana devoid of hunger, disease and poverty. More importantly I come with decisive and visionary leadership that will work with the grassroots of the party for a true NDC – the true NDC that offers economic security, opportunities for our youth and unity and stability in development.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a Rawlings and proudly so. I am proud I married and had four beautiful children with an extraordinary man who laid down his life for Ghana at a time when the country was on its knees, bleeding. I am proud of a man who has for most of his life spoken out against social injustice irrespective of who he is criticising.

And I am proud that this man founded the NDC and led it gallantly and most creditably till he humbly handed over power in 2000.

At no point during President Rawlings’s leadership was he corrupted by the allure of high office. He did not lead this country to seek personal comfort. He led by example and was a true reflection of hands-on leadership – leadership of pure sacrifice and selflessness.

And I am proud to uphold these principles – The principles that endeared the NDC to Ghanaians – The principles that led to our electoral victory in 2008 and the principles that will lead Nana Konadu to electoral victory in 2012.

I speak frankly of him because my heart bleeds when little minds try to allude that he has been critical of the government because he wants to set the stage for me to stand for the presidency. This is a man who has stood by and campaigned vigorously for the current President for three consecutive elections. Did he not have enough opportunity to thrust me onto the party if he was so intent on imposing his will?

I stand before you today because I represent independent-mindedness, social justice and a leadership that believes in a bottom-up approach to governance. The time has come to choose a person who will offer effective leadership, who will be honest about the choices and the challenges we face, a person who will give you hope, who will listen and learn from you. I represent these attributes and I am ready to sacrifice with you to achieve the goal of rekindling hope for a Ghana that every citizen will be truly proud of.

Ladies and gentlemen, I represent the future of the NDC. I represent leadership of substance. I represent selflessness that has brought recognition to Ghana and stand before you here today because I will endeavour to make sure that every bone in my body and every drop of my blood works hard to positively change the course of history in Ghana.

Today, I call on all delegates of the party to join hands in this wind of change. Let us listen to the will of our people, to our constituents, who are calling for a real change. Let us take back the heart and soul of the NDC, let us work to uproot the culture of apathy, indiscipline and carelessness that has engulfed this country. Let us infuse dynamism and vitality back into the NDC. There is now a politics of threats, fear and financial influence being imposed on our party.

Let us work to remove the politics of vindictiveness and arrogance that is being introduced to our party and restore hope, trust and respect to our party and the people of Ghana.

(My brothers and sisters from Agbogbloshie, my in-laws from the Volta Region, fellow Akatamansonians…………….), I want you all to support Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings to guarantee victory for the NDC in December 2012.

Be bold!!!

NDC – Eye Zu, Eye Za! NDC – we shall over come. NDC – right on to victory!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!




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