Campaign Of Lies And Intimidation By Mills Campaign Team

12 05 2011

NDC-GhanaThe Nana Konadu for President 2012 Presidential Campaign is calling on all party delegates and supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to stay strong and bold in light of the sustained assault on their fundamental right to vote according to the will of their constituents.


The Campaign Team is aware of a series of calculated visits by Get Atta Mills Endorsed (GAME) and other leading government personalities who are applying intimidating tactics towards delegates, calling on them not to vote Nana Konadu with lies and open threats.

The blatant abuse of executive power to induce, intimidate and lure delegates and other party supporters to vote against their conscience in the forthcoming presidential primary is despicable, shameful, cowardly, irresponsible and alien to the NDC. It is embarrassing that in a desperate bid to cling to power, persons within the Mills apparatus are employing such appalling tactics, which our party abhors.

Across the length and breadth of the country the desperate campaign of mudslinging and dirty tricks is being perpetrated by the Mills campaign team to the extent that some delegates are even lured with ethnic undertones.

We are documenting all the reports of lies, intimidation and bribery that are being perpetuated by the Mills group.

The Nana Konadu campaign team has officially written to the General Secretary of the party to apprise him of the dirty campaign going on.

We congratulate all delegates for remaining steadfast and exposing these shameful acts in light of the pressures they are facing. They must remember they represent the voice of millions of party supporters who have lost faith in the way President Mills has run the country since January 2009.

Delegates should continue to stay bold and resolute and work hard to turn the clock of backwardness to one of progress.

Be Bold!

Signed: Namburr Berrick (Campaign Coordinator)




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