Nana Konadu Represents the Will of the People

27 05 2011
Nana Konadu Agyeman-RawlingsOur attention has been drawn to a series of calculated lies and vile propaganda being spewed by agents of the Mills campaign alleging that several unsuccessful attempts were made by various individuals and groups of people to stop Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings from contesting the NDC presidential candidature.

These lies are being spread to create an impression that the former first couple had a veiled agenda to contest President Mills irrespective of his performance in government.
It is not true that attempts were made to dissuade Nana Konadu from contesting President Mills. It is equally a lie that members of the Council of Elders of the National Democratic Congress prevailed upon Nana Konadu not to contest the presidential primaries.

All discerning Ghanaians have appreciated the former President’s genuine concerns about the manner government has handled pending issues of criminality and corruption involving the past government.

The agitations by footsoldiers across the length and breadth of the country were not elicited by Rawlings’ comments. They were spontaneous reactions borne by the failure of the Mills government to heed the voice of the men and women who supported the NDC to victory in 2008/9.

These same disappointed supporters, concerned that the NDC government was dragging the party into opposition made the decision of calling for a Nana Konadu candidature.

It is therefore absurd and ridiculous that infantile attempts are being made by some people to reduce the candidature of Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings to one of a petty desire to be President by all means.

Nana Konadu like majority of the followers of the NDC party recognises the state of hopelessness and despondency the current government has brought into the ranks of the party. Nana Konadu is contesting the primaries because she recognises that our current presidency has no vision for the party and is not driven by a desire to perpetuate the ideals of probity, accountability, freedom and justice.

More importantly, Nana Konadu is contesting the Presidency because she believes in the ideals of the NDC, which recognises that all persons who qualify according to the constitution of the party and Ghana and who have served their party diligently have the inalienable right to put themselves up for selection as officers of the party.

We call on all delegates and supporters of the party to continue to remain resolute and withstand all the direct and subtle pressures at twisting their arm to vote against Nana Konadu. A vote for Nana Konadu will be a vote for your conscience. A vote for Nana

Konadu would be a vote for your party.

Be bold!

Signed: Berrick Namburr (Campaign Coordinator)




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