We are following Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings – Namburr Berrick

12 07 2011

Campaign Coordinator Namburr Berrick delivering the statementCampaign Coordinator of Nana Konadu for 2012, Namburr Berrick has reiterated the teams support for Mrs. Rawlings despite her losing out on the flagbearership race; stating “we will follow her wherever she goes”.

In an interview on Xfm 95.1 Thursday, July 14, 2011, Mr. Berrick said though Nana Konadu is not the leader of the ruling National Democratic Congress, they (her followers and supporters) believe that the points she raised prior to the Sunyani congress are still valid hence their stand.
“We are following Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and we believe that the points she made are still valid and we will follow her wherever she goes”

“She is not a leader of the party but she is the leader of the cause that we believe in; that is why we followed her. We still stand by her, so if she says today let us all go on board (a President Mills led NDC), we follow her.”

Mr. Berrick wondered how President Mills could be talking about party unity after the Sunyani congress when the party chairman has come out to say “people who got certain percentages are insignificant and therefore if they want they can break away; neutrally that is what he meant.

Because what percentage do you take to break away was a question that simply implies that if you get 90 why would you even consider breaking away? Is that the way forward? Is he working in consonance with the President? Did he listen to the president’s speech? Mr. Berrick asked.

Contrary to speculations that the former first lady’s campaign team feels ‘bruised’ hence their public outcry, Mr. Berrick opined that it was the NDC party as a whole that was ‘bruised’ and not individuals within their camp explaining that the mood for this year’s congress was different; something he said was uncharacteristic of NDC congresses.

Commenting on the silence of Mrs. Rawlings on the way forward after her defeat in Sunyani, Mr. Berrick noted “she is holding herself as how she used to be so at anytime she wants to speak she will speak and that time you will hear from her what she wants to say”.

Considering speculations that they (Campaign team of Mrs. Rawlings) are not ready to reconcile to other members of the NDC as unfortunate, Mr. Berrick said they were members of the NDC but that did not prevent them from correcting mistakes that they saw in the party.

Story by Vincent Baffour Acheampong/ Xfm 95.1/ Accra/ Ghana



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